Educational Event Opportunities

INSPIRE: Join us for Coffee and Conversation to INSPIRE each other! Membership Benefit!

EDUCATE: Join us for our Annual KPPA Shutter Expo and our Merited f:Stops to EDUCATE yourself! Discounted rates for members.

COLLABORATE: Join our KPPA family and COLLABORATE with your fellow photographers at a KPPA Creative Crew event around the state! Membership Benefit.

Photographing Large Family Groups

Creative Crew Event

July 21st 3:30-6:30pm

Conway Springs, Kansas

Photographing families is an art that captures the essence of their unique bonds, candid interactions, and shared moments of joy. It involves balancing technical skills with a sensitivity to emotion and connection, ensuring each image reflects the family's authentic story. Please Join us as we discuss the challenges & solutions that will arise when photographing large family groupings. Join Susan Doherty and Jamie Lange as they share their knowledge at our Creative Crew Event.

Planning, Designing & Executing Themed Sessions

KPPA merited f:stop

August 11th 10 - 5 pm

Hutchinson, Kansas

Offering themed sessions is a fun way to create works of whimsy and illustrative art, grow your volume-based business model, or fill a time gap in your calendar and photograph something that brings you joy. And, it doesn’t need to be stressful. We will discuss overall goal setting, planning the details, designing the set, and executing your session with ease.

Kansas Professional Photographers School presents

Don’t Gamble with Your Certification:

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

August 21-24th, 2024

In difficult and uncertain economic times what is there to separate you from your competition? It might be time to invest in yourself and work toward becoming a Certified Professional Photographer. This in-depth study of the technical side of photography will help you gain the knowledge that is equivalent to a semester of college. Students will cover lenses, lighting, light ratios, histograms and color theory, as well as a multitude of other topics. This class is likely to be the most intense photographic learning experience students will ever encounter.

KPPA 2-Day Fall Shutter Expo


October 12 & 13 - 2024

4th of July Sale $99

July 4th thru the 8th

After July 8th Regular Price $129

Salina, KS 67401

Full Registration includes 2 days of hands-on educational learning, KPPA Image Critique and evening hospitality. Attendees will also earn 1 PPA Merit.

Kansas Professional Photographers Association is proud to offer you PPA Continuing Education System courses in which you will be awarded 1- PPA Merit for your attendance at the KPPA 2-Day Fall Shutter Expo PPA MERIT Course. We look forward to seeing you!

KPPA offers a diverse range of engaging events, including Zoom Coffee and Conversations, Creative Crew Events, merited f:stops led by KPPA members, and organized "shoot outs" with models.

Coffee and Conversations With KPPA

During an hour long zoom, members converse on many different topics and reconnect with each other. Joining in these sessions is a great way to learn new information and catch up with our members!

KPPA Creative Crew

Creative Crew Events, lasting up to four hours, provide a lively and enjoyable setting for KPPA members to share their expertise, either before or after lunch.

KPPA merited f:stop

KPPA merited f:stops are comprehensive six-and-a-half-hour learning sessions conducted by a KPPA member. Hosts of these sessions receive 2 PPA Speaking Merits. Discounted rates are available for KPPA and PPA members. Kansas Professional Photographers Association is proud to offer you a class in which you will be awarded 1- PPA Merit for your attendance.

KPPA promotes these enriching opportunities through its website, Facebook, Instagram, and the PPA website.

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