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Jeff Poole and Lori Unruh Sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging and Fundy

Lightroom to Run your Studio

Most photographers know that Lightroom can be used to process images for basic color-correction.  But Lightroom is so much more!

In our studio, Lightroom is not only an image processor.  It's an integral part of our workflow, sales, marketing, vendor relations, and even blogging!  We do all of this, using the same software you're already familiar with.

Lightroom versions 5 and 6 have some great new features that make outsourcing your basic edits a breeze.  We’ll discuss how keywording, rating, and tagging can keep your portfolio up-to-date in real time AND help you with vendor networking.  Learn how to use Lightroom for easy, intuitive in-person sales to easily triple your old online sales averages.

We’ll share with you all our favorite third-party plugins that simplify and speed up many aspects of your business (and we’re not talking about creative filters here, although we use those too).  Find out how our streamlined workflow allows us to easily create blog posts, manage vendor relationships, share files with clients, and create custom mobile apps right out of Lightroom.  

Re-learn your trusty Lightroom to streamline your studio.


Jeff and Lori own indigosilver studio in Wilmington, NC, offering boutique photography for weddings and portraits.  They love learning from and teaching to the photography community.  Paying it forward, in 2012, they founded The Shoot Space, a community-oriented studio offering workshops and studio rentals for local photographers.  See more of their work at www.indigosilverstudio.com and check out www.theshootspace.com for photographer resources.

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