as of 06/08/2011

1) The Brand New 2011-2012 Affiliate Handbook is now available in the Affiliate Resources Section @ It provides information about affiliation and how to run an effective affiliate organization.

2) The History of PPA Video is online and available for members to use:
3) The See The Difference landing pages and video are live, promoting the need for professional photographer. Online ads push potential customers to these landing pages and on PPA’s Find a Photographer database to search for PPA Members.
4) Animoto is PPA’s newest Affiliate Partner, offering a member benefit of two free months with the purchase of a year of Animoto Pro Services.
5) All operations in China (PPA China) have ceased. All members will remain and receive the offer to transfer their membership to PPA.

6) Professional Photography Magazine was named Best Business-To-Business/Association Magazine in the Southeast and received many awards.

7) The 2011 PPA Studio Financial Benchmark Survey is underway: Participants who submit financials by August 31st have a chance to win prizes including an all-inclusive trip to Imaging USA, monthly IPad drawings, and Amazon gift cards.

8) The name of the Photographer of the Year awards will be changed. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level photographers will be designated as Medalist and awarded a pin. Diamond Level Photographers will earn the distinction of Photographer of the Year.

9) Beginning June 24th, 2011, all CPP candidates and re-certifying CPP’s taking part in the image submission review will be required to show compulsory images (3 mandatory and 3 selective).

10) SW Judging reveled the trend that Prints scored higher than digital images.

11) Education: There are so many options for PPA Education that you need to go to . This month alone there are Webinars every week and you can get a 6 month s of registration for $99.

12) Merit Request form:

13) Expanded Form 1099 tax reporting requirements created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have been repeal by the House, Senate and signed by the President April 5th
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