as of 09/30/2011

Big News Of The Day- PPA's New Equipment Insurance Benefit. With your paid membership you will receive $15,000 worth of coverage for Cameras, Computers, Lights, etc in Studio or on Location. Additional amounts of insurance may be purchased in $1000
increments. This coverage is estimated to be normally $350 which is higher than the dues you currently pay. The usual insurance details such as Depreciation and Deductible ($250) apply. Go to the PPA website to Opt in and additional details.

To date, the See the Difference campaign’s Pay Per Click advertising on Google and Facebook has generated about 30 million impressions, about 30,000 click-throughs to PPA’s website, and about 11,000 searches through Find-a-Photographer. (The most active ads are those for seniors and babies.)

The 2011 PPA Studio Financial Benchmark Survey is underway: benchmark. Participants who complete the survey by October 31 have a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to Imaging USA.

The Indemnification Trust remains an important form of protection for members. It has resolved a total number of about 238 claims for the year (as of September 6). The bulk of reported incidents fell into the data loss or client dissatisfaction categories.

December 31, 2011, is the deadline for associations to submit annual dues and all required paperwork to remain a PPA Affiliate in 2012. Renewals may be completed online or sent by mail (postmarked by December 31).

PPA International Photographic Competition (IPC)
• The 2011 IPC was split almost evenly between prints and digital images. Results are online:
• Over 4,100 entries were judged over a 4-day period, with 1,000+ entries critiqued by IPC jurors.

Professional Photographer Cover Contest
• The 2011 contest closed (April 1 – May 31) with the highest number of entries seen yet: 6,611 peopled entered. There was also a 17% uptick over last year’s contest web traffic.

The 2011 PPA Copyright Kit was made available to members in August. The information

was updated to reflect the latest registration requirements by the U.S. Copyright Office:

• The Fall 2011 Super Monday event is October 24, which will feature more than 75 workshops in studios around the country. This peer-to-peer educational event also raises funds to support additional PPA educational projects:
• The remaining cities in the PPA Tour 2011: One to Grow On

Imaging USA
• The Imaging USA schedule until 2016 has been announced:
2012 – New Orleans
2013 – Atlanta
2014 – Phoenix
2015 – Nashville
2016 – Nashville

• Imaging USA’s opening night party on January 15 Big.Bayou.Bash., Imaging runs thru the 17th.

  • The Grand Imaging Awards will be held in the Convention Center ballroom (2nd floor) on
    January 16. (5:30pm-6:30pm)
  • Peach Jam, Imaging USA’s closing night party, will be held at the Convention Center
    immediately following the Award & Degree Ceremony on January 17. (8:00pm-11:00pm)
  • Development of Imaging USA’s mobile application has begun, and it should be rolled out
    by November 1.
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