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PPA Members in the state of Kansas elect councilors to represent them at the national level.  Below you will find your current serving councilors.  Feel free to contact them if you have any questions or concerns about PPA.

Waldo Berry (CPP, M Photo, Cr, Photo, KPPA Past President, National Award) Has been a member of KPPA and PPA since 1998.  Waldo operates WB Photography in Junction City, KS.  Email: waldo@wbphotography.com, Phone: 785-238-6944 


Stephen Smith (M Photo, Photo Cr., KPPA Past President, National Award, Life Member)  Has been a member of KPPA and PPA since .  Stephen operates Stephen Smith Images in Topeka, KS.  Email: stephen@stephensmithimages.com, Phone: 785-354-7153




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